1960 - 1961 the Hague-Voorburg

I was born in Voorburg, or the Hague who knows, the date the 24th of May 1956, that's what they say!
My first remembrance of life must have been around the age of four. I remember a large green gras area in front of the small, three story high, flat where I lived somewhere in Voorburg. That my memory was good I found out around 50 years later, when visiting that spot. Ofcourse it wasn't the same anymore but with a little imagination and removing the highway it was indeed a three story high flat and space in front of it. On the grass, together with others we made a fort. But when I removed some grass there was all of a sudden A FROG. From that day on I dislike FROGS. Even today I dont like them. 'Kikkers' as they are called in Dutch and everything around them can be found here In the same time period I remember that walking to the kindergarten was quite a walk. At that first school I was sitting at a table which contained clay underneath. The clay was stored in blocks in a drawer under the table. Every block had a hole containing water. With clay (klei in Dutch) you should not throw and that's what I did frequently apparently.

Furthermore during this period I nearly drowned. It was winter and at quite some distance from the flat there was a ditch with ice on it. I was standing there with my sledge looking at another boy who was busy near a hole in the ice. All of a sudden the ice cracked and I went under. The other one managed to get out quickly but I probably did not even realise what happened. On top of that I could not swim so I asked the guy politely to get me out of the water. And that's what he did. The photo is from the brook near Voorburg, the churchbridge, all from a much later date and has nothing to do with the water I fell in

Maybe it was the same winter or maybe another but anyway I hurt my hand. An open wound caused by barbered wire. My way back home could be easily followed because of the blood in the snow. And even today the scar in my left hand can be seen. How was this possible? Just being lazy, there was a hill you could go down by sledge and in order to reach the top of the hill you had to walk a while. The other possibility was to crawl up the hill and hold yourself on the barbered wire. When you slip away you hang in the barbered wire ( Dutch: prikkeldraad).

The question arises do I know more about this period and the answer is no! It's like being a conscript in the army you only remember the most striking events. In my opinion it's a natural self protection you only remember a few events. It not good to remember everything, it will cause a brain overload!
Source March 2005 and 'translated'13 October 2006
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