1962 - 1967 Amsterdam-Medemblik

Primary school (6 years in that time) for me was in three parts. First somewhere in Voorburg or the Hague, but no recollection at all of this period. After that finishing of the first year in Amsterdam, the Hudsonschool in the Roggeveenstreet just beside the children's home called Prinse Irene.
In that home I was a member of the beetle group. Nowedays this location is no children's home anymore since 1972 it is something like a refuge for mothers with children. What I can recall is nice events in the children's home but no real memory rests of how school was going until the first semester in class 5.
What I do remember is that the schoolbuilding had wooden floors, we had old fashioned pencils, which had to be dipped in an inkpot before you could write something. With these pencils you could throw in the floor like you do with darts. After such an action writing didn't go so well ofcourse. The corridors had stone floors and were very long and I was there very often. Probably I did something wrong in the classroom and as a 'reward' I had to stay in the corridor.

About 40 years later I saw on the website of de schoolbank.nl a man called Wietse van Arkel. I remember going home with hime more than once, he lived with his parents across the childrens home in the third floor I think.
Must have been a friend at that time. He reminded me of the blue bike I had with thick tyres where employees of the childrens home ran behind as I learned to ride bycicle. I was 10 years old than. I scaned the WWW but no picture of the roggeveenstreet was found. So what you see is a picture of the waters close to that street.

One holiday I remember very well it was at the Loosdrechtse plassen withe the Groenewoud family. Mr Groenewoud was painting cars as a profession i think? Anyway I couldn't swim so I was floating around in the waters with a swimming vest. That vest was not in a very good shape so it was losing air slowely. That didn't matter at all we had fun. Furthermore there was a wellknown pier in the ij lake in Amsterdam called 'het stenen hoofd'. I was often there to hang around and walk over the wooden shelves at the outside above the water. All very well until at one day, while running I slipped over something and thumbled into the water. Although I couldn't swim I realised that the shelves were connected to large square poles and I managed to turn and hold to such a pole. A man dived into the water from a ship and managed to push me up while others on the pier pulled me up. During this action the man lost his false teeth I learned later. I always was of the opinion that the distance between the pier and the water was three meters or even more. Now I knew better. Anyhow the first semester class 5 I moved to Medemblik.

At the end of the first semester around carnaval I moved permanent to my foster parents in Medemblik. My foster mother used to work at the babies department in the Irene house and informed two years before about a child who didn't or did hardly ever go on hollidays. I was such a child and after several school holidays this grew into a permanent stay with them. Managed by a foster organisation called Humanitas. From Amsterdam to the area called West-Friesland

In Medemblik we lived in a house at the Konigshof, a picture on the left. It's an old picture though because in my time I can't remember any trees. Later we moved to Vooreiland, the picture on the right, which is changed also. Nowadays there is an apartment complex at that spot and the factory Krakei also moved.
Because of the growing interest in watersports they even changed the soccerfields in front of our house, situated in a natural stadium, in a basin for luxury yachts. On those soccerfield played MFC and DECC, the last one was the one I also played for a while.
After the primary school, where the headmaster mr. Ott frequently tried to lenghten my ears by pulling me up on it, it became the MAVO...middle school let's say. What we don't have to forget is that in Amsterdam I could hardly swim. In Medemblik I was maybe more in the water than on the land and I got all possible swimming certificates in a few years. I was also a fanatic member of the rescue team on the water. In the winter running in the woods and on the beaches and in summertime swimming. And ofcourse I had to learn to manouvre with the rescue boat. I was rather good at that although my father being the instructor and the chairman of the rescue brigade could ofcourse not admit that.

Those rescue brigades in the Netherlands were united in the KNBRD. When you click this link go to Ijselmeer and Medemblik and you'll find out that it still exists! Only nowadays the polyester boat is a rubber dinghy.  

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