1976 the year in between

Finished secondary school, 20 years old, I lost two years by changing from MAVO to ATHENEUM and 5 Ath I did twice, or at least part of it. A B-package in subjects on my certificate including two foreign languages just to keep all options open. So what to do? I wanted to become a pilot but lucky as I am the Rijksluchtvaartschool in Eelde was closed. That school had a contract with KLM, after succesfull finishing the school you had to fly some years with KLM and they had a lot of those graduates who couldn't be employed by KLM. So what to do, (not like Mr MOL) than becoming a jet-pilot with the Royal Netherlands Airforce. So I reported to the Military Academy in Breda. Unfortunately I wasn't the only one in 1976 so I got a nice letter, sorry we didn't choose you.

So we went working, via a brother of Ippel I ended up with a firm who was busy with waterworks and their floating office was located at the sluice in Kolhorn. At least the deputy boss and one employee lived there because they came from Sliedrecht, and that was probably to much travelling every day I suppose. The link above is worth clicking, you'll find a comparison between real Kolhorn and thet what they imitated in the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen.

So I campshedded little canals in the polder Wieringermeer and made plaited living bushes along other parts in that polder. The biggest work however was along the Noord-Hollands canal near Burgerbrug. Overthere thick AZOBĂ© wooden campshed had to be made, which had to be rammmed shelf for shelf into the canalbottom. After that screw anchors were placed, something very new in that time what wasn't always succesfull (during screwing into the soil of the dike there had to be a certain counter pressure) when the pressure was too low the traditional anchors had to be placed which was much extra work. After that we, another Ippel and me, came along with a boat and a raft to connect horizontal wooden loggs to the vertical shelves and connect every shelf with a nail to that loggs. That connecting went with a gun and gunpowder and when you happened to miss the logg the nail went straight through bounced on the water and you heared him tinkling on the road at the other side of the canal. So there was some pressure in the gun. Maybe a nice story from that time is that on one day a tobacco pouch was floating against our raft. After investigation it contained a pipe and tobacco, I considered it as a sign from above. From now on we're going to smoke. pipe! At least most of the time it is. In summertime it was Viersen again and this time 1977 I was aloowed to enter the KMA.

Origine 28 August 2005 translated 15 October 2006
by meself and someone else.