1977 - 1982 Schooling in Breda

During the first selection talks I had at the Royal Militairy Academy I was asked what to do when you can't become a pilot? I asked what the most complicated study was and that was electronics so I said electronics. In that case you can also join the signals corps of the army they said and I answered no way I choose for the airforce and that's what happened.

Oke I was flightmedical and psychological in good shape for becoming a pilot however I didn't fit in the cockpit of the F-16, too much lenghth in the upper part of my body they said. And imagine that I was nearly the shortest boy at the end of the primary school! By the way Falcon enthousiasts don't forget to click the link it's worth it and has a lot of information.

So it was electronics to study and lasted 5 years, only for me it was 6 just before the end of the pocketmoney I could redo a year (not a whole year many subjects I could skip). By the way a perfect city Breda, You can find everything you might want history and present flow into eachother flawlessly. Also much entertainment and that was good for an extra year. The study was mixed with sport (rugby) and enjoying going out. De Cadets Club where I played rugby (CRFS) wasn't that good we lost a lot but that was because we hadn't that much dead weight in the team, but we enjoyed the game nevertheless. I what do you think of the always perfect third half

During this period I also learned that I had a sister...yes my older half-sister. A lady sent me a letter in which she told me she was my sister, I never knew I had one? Well oke that's how you're family is growing isn't it and the relationship with Hanny is good. From that time on I use the riddle:
When I was born my mother was 15, my father 16 and my sister 17 years old!

Made 28 August 2005 and translated 15 October 2006
My text and lastly edited 15 October 2006