1983 - 1987 Blomberg (West Germany)

After the study at the Military Academie I was placed with the third missile group in Blomberg Germany, it is May 1993. In the mean time I was married for the law with Odette van Benthem in January of this year. In Autumn we went to the USA, to El Paso Tx. I had to learn the technical side of the HAWK weaponsystem at the firm Raytheon. This course of nine and a half month was perfect. In no time we had the teachers so far that we had a three days workweek and therefore long weekends for other things to do. You can imagine the we had lot of opportunities to see that part of the USA. Back in the Netherlands we first got married for the church with everything around it like old cars, a four story high cake etc etc and back in Germany I became Squadron commander in the rank of first luitenant although it was a Captain function. In that time something like that was quite normal. After a couple of years I became head of the logistics. Planning all the maintenance of the group preventive as well as corrective and managing all that. The germany time was a good time and very busy, many exercises, NATO exams and social commitments because I was also secretary of the officers mess. But all in all a perfect time which ended too soon to my opinion.

Blomberg, was situated in Kreis Lippe with close by the Teuteburgerwald what more do you want. When you looked out of the window of your house (provided bij the Airforce) you saw small hills covered with trees. Many villeges in the neighbourhood of 'der kleine Stadt der alles hat' had names ending at -trup what means a mess. But it was no mess at all everything was well maintained in a German way. The big enemy was more to the east behind the Iron Curtain and if they should try to fly to the West than we were there to make that impossible. Stationed in a beautiful area close to cities like Detmold, Kassel and Hanover. And ofcourse we're not forgetting Porta Westfalica in the North and Bad Pyrmont nearly in the back yard! Just as Hamelen, yes we know the story of that rat catcher isn't it...in my time overthere there was every summer a performance on Sunday of this legend. Recently (summer 2006) I read somewhere that life is a party but you'll have to color it in yourself, well I think that situation was there!

Origine 28 August 2005 translated 15 October 2006
Text is mine and of March 2005 last updated at 14 July 2006 and Fred made the dsign in August 05.