1988 - 1992 Blomberg-Nieuwegein

In 1988 the word came that the organisation belonging to PATRIOT, a system seen as many as the replacement of the NIKE, had a bad result for me. My function as head of all maintenance got the level of Major and was only a Captain and not promotable for what ever reason. The consequences were very simple in that time! The German period came to an end and as soon as the bought car was older than 6 months you're going back to the Netherlands..

The 13th of Januari 1989 my family and me drove to the Netherlands together with whole our houshold and rented a house in Nieuwegein In March 1987 my daughter Roxane was born and in December 1989 my son Caspar came to the world

I started working in the Tactical Command of the Airforce (CTL) in Zeist. This Command was later abolished with as a result a transfer to the HQ of the Airforce in the Hague. Just as a remark the function I did in Zeist was at the level of Major.. When you understand it I will also do that...Well at least the arrangements about promotion changed in 1990 so I became a Major in November 1990 and that was still at Zeist.

So as told before in 1991 the Tactical Command of the Airforce was abolished but already before that time I was invited to come to the Hague. From the cellar of the building I was privileged to coordinate the mission of the 3th and 5th missile group to Diyarbakir and Jerusalem Ofcourse we didn't know that missions either peace enforcing or peace keeping were happening more frequently in the future. I myself worked on that in front by being an UNMO in former Yugoslavie and diplomat with the OSCE in Albaniƫ These were individual mission on a voluntary basis

Made in the period March-August 2005 last changed 25 July 2006 and translated October 2006
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