1993 - 1999 Nieuwegein (Provence of Utrecht)-Oostrum(Provence of Limburg)

As said before on a voluntary basis I was from September 1993 until March 1994 employed under a UN flag in the former Yugoslavie. My function was a United Military Observer or in short UNMO. Two months in Banja Luka, two months in Skopje and the last two in Sarajewo. Calm, pleasant and horrible these pereiods were respectivily. (Market incident Sarajewo 12 januari 1994 the Jigsaw Puzzle). Because I made a unlukky turn in the snow I broke my ankle, three weeks before end of mission. In line with the rules I had to be repatriated back home but lucky for me it became MASH hospital in Zagreb and a perfect operation. So on clutches I could finish the mission. (the story of that period BUT in DUTCH). In 1994 no digital camera's were available, at least I had none so the story has no pictures, on later missions you'll find pictures and when I'm really bored I'll translate the 6 months mission...

So coming home in March 1994 should be nice isn't it and what's the case Odette wishes to divorce and right at the date of my birthday the official courtorder to come to court was signed. Thanks a lot. All and all it's became a battle until approximately May 1996, but I was victorious, listening to my heart. Already in 1994 I took the decision not to stay alone. Maybe the period May 1994-December 1994 was my second youth who'll say. My plan for the future was to meet women of a certain age with or without children and never to have more than 10 at the same time. Decision after a year!! You can imagine that the collegues in my office in the Hague neede a list of names because yoy never knew who would phone. Well a plan is nice as long as it lasts but in summer '94 I had hollidays in France with my current partner and her children Peter and Esther. And since that time that was the match. She came living in Nieuwegein in the house I kept.

In 1996 (September) I got the opportunity to go to the new erected Missile group in Vredepeel, in summer 1997 the rest followed. We made the new nest in Oostrum a village close to Venray. Some data of that small city are. From Nieuwegein to Oostrum with three times as much square meters of the property and two times more qubic meters in the house and that all for the same amount of money. From this spot I will not move, promotion or not it's all right like this.

With the missile group I was on many exercises abroad and also had some schooling. Countries like Norway, also above the polar circel, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italie, Greece (Crete)and the USA were the destinations. Once or more than once. The other longer stays were in East-Europe and Asia (East-Turkey and Afghanistan), but you could already read that on the first page isn't it?
Made 28 August 2005 and before translated 20 October 2006