2000 - 2002

From December 2000 until July 2001 I worked as a OSCE diplomat in Albania dresed in civil clotches and having a diplomatic pass.The workplace was the city Sköder, a place with a rich history. Behind the link above you'll find this history. The picture in the link is made from the terras of the castle (I'm supposing to know that because I had lunch there frequently)

During that employment I seized the opportunity to visit Macadonia (FYROM), Kosovo, Montonegro and Croatia (Dubrovnik)for a short or a longer break. (See the story of this period (still in Dutch)). But because of the many pictures I made it per month, to accommodate surfers with a low speed, so this was December and now we get January 2001, Februari 01, March 01, April 01, May 01 and June 01 and we finish with July 2001. It's still all in Dutch but one day....

An important organisation as OSCE OVSE in Dutch, must have a link here ofcourse. Also in 2005 the presence is smaller but my fieldstation still excists. The good democratic activities continue.
Made 28 August 2005 with a translation 20 October 2006
All by myself and Fred.