Finally (well that it was the last one I probably dreamed) there was the mission in 2003 to Turkey, I was there just long enough to get a medal. Our own HQ, as well as the minister's staff could hardly follow our pace, it all went to quick. But we were there and witch succes and all of us safe and sound back. Around 7 February the party started and all the personnel was the 1st of may back. Material lasted a bit longer because the defense staff could not decide about Irak, but what does it matter isn't it. (diary of that mission still in Dutch).

In daily life I'am the S4 of the Missile Group ( and that was until August 2005...), I go by bike to and fro my job. I live together, on a contract, Carole works approximately 25 hrs a week. We normally go on holliday every year by car and far away and 3 of the 4 children accompany us because Caspar I only see maximal once a year. He's authistic and lives in an other home from where he's home with my ex one weekend per fortnight. Ofcourse that weekend runs in fase withe the same weekend Roxane is with my ex. The other weekends and most hollidays are for me and my daughter. Until she reached an age that she made her own decisions at that time the frequency became lower. Roxane went her own way and wasn't more than five weekends per year over here. In the early days I picked her up and brought her home but lately she traveled on her own.

Our house is a kind of farm with all modern facilities of which a lot is done by ourselves, and there is still some work to do. We're all healthy so there's nothing to complain about, until the Airfoce decides to kick me out of the forces, because they're reducing in strength the coming years.

But in 2004 I'm still in. The start of the year was very good because our house now has the luxery of airconditioning, only at the first floor but that's were we sleep and cold air goes down isn't it so who knows maybe the ground floor will also benefit. Future will tell. The airconditioning installation was made by, And yes a bit of promotion is allowed especially when they made a good product.

Most hollidays always went with our own car and far away but in 2004 that changed. Via all kind of home-exchange organisations on the World Wide Web http://www.homeexchange.com/ we succeeded in exchanging with a couple out of Beavercreek Ohio USA. In the link you should go to the Netherlands and in the cities choose for Oostrum and more details of our house will be shown. For me CONUS wasn't new, but for the others it was a big surprise. The USA is an other continent with a clearly other culture (or are they still searching for that?.)From there we already contacted Italy but that will not work out we found.

I neatly forgot that from December 2003 I'm also manager of a virtual soccer team, called the PEELKONIJNEN, you've to have a hobby isn't it! You should watch http:www.hattrick.org and just join the already 800.000 virtual managers world wide! And it even made the radio as yoy can hear this radiofragment at Radio 1. In that virtual world making a webpage goes much easier but I have to admit overthere are idiot-proffs tools available. An other strange hobby of mine is walking the four days Marches in Nijmegen, in 2004 it was my 9th time. Number 10 will be in the year I become 50 and after that we have the excuse that the medal needs a crown on it and a number so if it is oke I'll quite after 12 times.
Made in 2005
by myself and someone else. Last updated 25 August 2006 and translated a month later