2004 and a part of 2005

At the beginning of 2004 someone saw Sara as we say in the Netherlands, so something had to be arranged, because in the middle of all attention we are not willing to be. It became a perfect, arranged into the smallest details, 14 day's trip to Egypte. Our trip was different but certainly not less interesting. We had all kinds of transport, many different boats including a short cruise on the Nile, train, bus, airoplane etc etc. We enjoyed it to our hearts content in February.

After a long holliday in the USA, that home exchange with a couple from Ohio, came inevitable and also nearly direct after the holliday, the next mission from September 2004 until April 2005 in Afghanistan. Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)in Pol-I-Khomri, Baghlan Province, Afghanistan. We made the news. at least when you read until the end of the article. No mission is alike but often they look alike. Also here in the beginning it was like the stone age. The job looked a little as in the OSCE period. As one of the three Mobile Observation and Liaison Team (MOLT) commanders a drove around with a team of experts You can easily say we drove around on all roads and paths in the province Baghlan in that period. At the end of my time it was quite but not stable (kalm maar niet stabiel)and we started with other team compositions in order to do more reconstruction and not only bringing security.

The term: 'rustig maar niet stabiel' was a often heard remark from the mouth of our political advisor, in short POLAD The text is also written on a T-shirt we got from our prince as we left and this shirt is worn with pride. (Report is here (in Dutch). But we already know it that was September and the rest goes in reasonable parts like Oktober 2004, November 2004, December 2004, January 2005, February 2005 and finaly March 2005. Although the text is in Dutch there is for every day a nice picture incorporated! In this last month are also the latest developments which occured when I was gone.
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