2005 the year full of changes

Let's be honest although this is 2005 the first three months can be found under 2004 because I was still in Afghanistan.
In the past I said we went on holliday by car every year or we exchanged houses. In 2005 it's different again. A home exchange we found out wasn't succesful, no interest from Ireland and the efforts to exchange with Italy already failed when we started with the project in the USA. Only Costa Rica was offered to us. Special we must say but further information gathering at the Dutch automobile Association ANWB caused us to refuse the exchange. So we were late in arranging a holliday but around the 8th of April it looks like it that we'll going to rent a house in noth-west Ireland. And arranging something at such a short notice is a small miracle.
And talking about miracles after more than four seasons playing the game ( you know HATTRICK) we even became champion. Let's hear the sound belonging to that!!!!

Less fortunate I was during the hollidays in Irland, I sprained my ankle. Docter, hospital visit to be sure, photographs and finally cruches for a day or two. A month later it's still hurting a little, and such can last a year people say. This can endanger my wish to walk the four days marches in Nijmegen. After Ireland something else also happened. We left, after many years the Missile Group and went over to work again in the Hague. How long this will last and when promises will be made reality who knows. Finally 26 August was my last day at the Missile Group and my intention was to let it pass unnoticed. That didn't work out, my successor arranged something and many old collegues who worked with me and those who tried to lead me were present at the small happening. It was very nice, with many presents most of the time stuff to drink and also an envelope. A not further mentioned old chef of mine offered to professionalise my webpage and the results are what you're looking at now.

So the Hague it is and sleeping in a house in Voorburg from that place we go to work on a bicycle. In the morning via the shortest route and in the evening we make a large detour, in order to work a little bit at my fysical condition. From a large room with internet connection business is arranged during the week. Sunday evening we travel by car to Voorburg and on Thursday's after the traffic jams we go back home. Now ofcourse people think he's working not that much but keep in mind that working days last from 07.30 untill 18.00 and Fridays we just take leave. Not a very bad arrangement four days working and three days free but to my opinion that's reasonable as a compensation for being apart from your family during the week!

Again a new hobby, Travian is the name of the game at the World Wide Web and it is about building a village and protecting that village against attacks etc. As is being said at the webpage: "Travian is a browser based MMOG where you can compete with thousands of other players by taking control of a small village and leading your people to glory and victory" I haven't the faintest idea what MMOG is but it's nice. In the meanwhile we learned that it means Massive Multiplayer Online Game, we learn every day! Just surf around overthere there are only 1600 (at 15 October) people who're playing at the Dutch server and tat will grow I'll tell you!! The English version is more crowded with about 20.000 participants. And finally I also play at the German version and amount of participant I cease to mention (nor for the Spanish, Russian, Austrian or Turkish version!!) Why three games you can ask, well it's very simple the game is rather slow so you have to keep busy isn't it? And we try to be the greatest on all servers. Only at the Dutch server I'm Roman at the others I'm Gaul.

The 10th of November was again a special day. At last the medals for the PRT mission were issued, the mission which already ended for me in March. It was published at the new defence page. For the Missile Group this adventure started just about here. In that period it was no big news that only came after the formal transfer of authority from RNLAF to ISAF of the 1(NL)PRT. But oke it all ended for the people of the Missille Group when the Navy took over what made the news. The Netherlands was by now used to Afghanistan and the comming an going of personel.
The evening was a party with a strange combination of music like the Airforce Band, Albert West and Patrick Kicken. Strange combination but there is a good reason for that. Alber West came along because people made, with limited tools, a small film in Pol-I-Khomri.

22 November was the next diversion from routine matters, a 8-days trip at the Turkish Rivièra. It was a perfect interruption with a small and pleasant group of people. And what an invention internet is! I made many photo's but ofcourse other people do the same. So others visited just about the same places also Perge etc and other places. Overthere we bought a little rug of 2 by 3 meters which arrived at home around 15 December. We thought to put it in the video room but it was to big so now we have a new rug in the living room. Our cats liked the old rug very much, especially when it's folded so it was in that position in the hall for a long time!!

The HATTRICK competition was a thriller. My team was for a long time the last in the poule but four games before end of competition things changed for the better. The team won from the champion to be and were free of degradation until the last game.. But the PEELKONIJNEN lost the last game and the concurrence did a very good job. So we went down because of to few goals in favour. Back in VIII that's too much because we were there also in 2003 when it all started. So the way up has to be found again..!!!!.

Maybe it's nice to know were all viewers of my pages are coming from so: here it is Of course it's only 8 months because we went online in March and the counter wasn't operational at once either. So next year it will be more isn't it

10 November 2005 I splitted this from 2004 last updat is from 16 September 2006 translation 27 October 2006!
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