The turning of the year was quite no special things, NSTR as we should say in the UN nothing special to report. Maybe I should start talking about the promisses made to me, but oke the year just started so just wait. This year I'll see Abraham as we say in the Netherlands so we'll reach half...
of what we wish for. We feel sometimes like the guy on the right.. The 1st of Januari I already damaged a bumper of someone else no big deal but no good begin either.
The next week I fell with the bike and rather hard too. Those things happen when you try to cross a line which proves to be a cuboard. Results four holes in the knee and the biketrousers has to be replaced and these things are not cheap!!

And what was the purpose of visiting Utrecht at the end of the month? Well very simple I visited the UMC. Part of it is military and a molar had to be removed so element 16 is gone now. The beatiful month of January was finalized with a remark from John/Hans that he saw the exhaustpipe of the H-100 was wiggeling. Result after inspection revealed that the whole backpart was broken so it had to be replaced!

February no remarks! March, the walking season has begun, training for the four days marching in Nijmegen!! An ungoing short impression in words (still Dutch) with ofcourse links to other pages on the WWW.
And just before the 1st of April I made a very wise decission stop TRAVIAN not half not on 1, 2 or 3 of the 4 surfers I'm playing on bust just total! It's consuming far too much time and brings nothing. We'll tell nobody and will see if someone notices something. Well it was noticed so now we have TLK the last knights...and only travian on the NL server and com3. Oke oke I was weak I know

April nothing special apart from some marches for Nijmegen. May yes we saw Abraham and wanted to celibrate and have a party in the garden. Bad luck bad weather so a house full of people and a perfect cold dish. The garden was filled with a big doll... . The day itself was a working day but the 25th everybody had a day off because of ascension day so a good opportunity to celibrate A lot of people came and apart from drink, candy and money also a DVD ticket and many postcards were the presents. On top of that beautifull drawings of the nices Marit and Merlijn. Roxane was excused in the morning by my ex but arrived anyhow in the afternoon, how nice.

June, quite a mess in the house because the old bathroom/toilet and the hall had to be improved. In fact we don't want to know what the costs will be (apart from the first improvements in 1997 it was the most expensive improvement) as long as it will be a major step forward. I had the impression that several workers didn't coordinate that well. 3 June the exercise started and 16 June the floor in the hall is finished the bathroom has tiles and we have to enter the house via a small stairs through a window
End of June definite end to TRAVIAN what doesn't mean that everything has to be ended. The Hyundai broke down at the A-73 a christmas tree of lights on the dashboard....analysis by dealer: broken waterpump.

July, very hot and humid in the Netherlands and Carole's car was my transport one week long. Internet wasn't functioning as I wished but coming home the 6th it was partly solved. Groundfloor or firstfloor internet acces, not both at the same time. The rebuilding wasn't finished yet, bad coordination!
Just before the weekend of the 4 days marches, yes a window in the bathroom and some electricity overthere. Thursday the 13th internet is fixed on both floors and if you wish at another five spots, a 8-port ethernetswitch is a miracle. Friday the 14th great efforts from the plasterer and others and see the bathroom is finished nearly, there are still some minor things but it's beautiful all fixed under the responsibility of...

Third week of July we can guesss what's happening it's the 90st Four Days Marches of Nijmegen To keep informed on what my status is you can phone me on my handy. Another amazing possibility is to fill in my number on that page (H8A080) and you'll see the results. The WWW has more than I thought!

Unfortunately on wednesday it was end of story for me and many others. We were witness of a unic incident the cancellation of the Marches. This subject is too tensed to say what I want to say but my preparation was special and than it's very sad that on Wednesday I had to miss the Waalkade (see on the left) and on Friday the big entrance which is a party for everyone. It's a pity for the many thousends of spectators, it wasn't their fault they were there and enthousistic as always, it was touching. That makes this event unique in the world and it must stay that way although I fear there will be some changes

End July holliday in Western USA starting in San Francisco. You want some pictures? oh sorry it's someone else. We keep it anyway because what I wrote down is not worth publishing. The 18th of August we were back safe and sound. Maybe some day I'll publish a map to show where we were, because we drove a lot I must say nearly 6000 miles in three weeks.
The week after we came back I wanted to donate my blood but that wasn't possible. Why not.. look here for more information (you'll have to klick further ..donor, veel gestelde vragen, bezoek aan buitenland?).End August I was bussy with the past. My host and wife with whom I build up good contacts during my year in their house were the catalysators for going into the past. The host his link gives you relaxing classical music.

Anyhow via the townhall Nieuwegein I found out where I lived and the first three spots were visited, they are in the Hague and Voorburg. The work shifted from the Hague to Breda in the weekend of 16/17 september. So I offer you a last view on our old HQ of the Royal Netherlands Airforces.
Monday the 18th the new spot, well it's much better, but sleeping is worse I have to life out of my suitcase every week, we live in hotels. Dinner is perfect I must say and I picked up the cycling we'll come close to 10.000 kilometers another 60 to go

Well somethings you should not say because disaster struck. On 24 September between 18.00 and 19.00 my bicicle was stolen in Breda. It was a (Gazelle Grenoble Silverdust/green Framenumber 1371133 locknumber L033262 AXA SL9) and it disappeared from the karnemelk straat in Breda just before McDonalds. So it was an expensive meal and the trust in the city is well under pressure

October, bought a new bicicle, I thought it wasn't possible but have to admit it's an improvement. Again a Gazelle and now it is the Orange color blue/silver. No further details here ofcourse. With that bike I drive at least between the hotel and the work and as said before work looks better see the picture on the left.

Third week of October visiting Romany, they bought our HAWK PIP III. Very good hosts they are and on the other side very uncertain about how to use the equipment. I think that we as an organisation should further support our new EU partners as much as we can. Costs are low but goodwill received is huge. By the way do we know that flight from Maastricht to Amsterdam on monday morning. Well it didn't go insteaqd it was a bus....So finally it was via Paris that we reached Bukarest.

What do I see I didn't talk about the PEELKONIJNEN a whole year it's a shame! The team is trying to survive in division VII but it isn't easy. The selection however improved a lot so it must work out this season. Digging into family business goes slowly although a big hand came from Voorburg some branches go untill around 1700 only the branch of my father needs more attention.

The end of the year, everything came in the right order with the PEELKONIJNEN, it was the last game that we finally ended on place 5 out of 8. But oke just look yourself how the scores were the last ten seasons:. The last week of November and the first of December another hobby came again. To evaluate other units in NATO. This time the place was Meckelenburg-Vorpommeren in former East Germany or the DDR. The first week we slept in a park hotel, the second week we drove south around 80 to 100 kilometers to Neubrandenburg. Ofcourse the WWW shows you prety pictures but in reality the landscape was very open, that means empty, only 1,6 million inhabitants in this Bundesland! The weekend in between we visited Peenemunde the cradle of rocket technology!

The end of the year is coming very soon so we looked back at for example the progress in the family search. Father's side is still to be explored. I still don't know where and when he died. Another approach would be to seek contact with the club who took care of me called Humanitas But as you see the link is dead no real information or contact possibilities. The first marriage of my father with Trijntje Breek, from were two brothers came Wally and wally couldn't be found either. It's a pity so we need support I suppose.

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