2007 an unlucky year?

New Year, new chances cars breaking down, battery flat you name it we got it at the end of 2006. At least the battery charger proved service again. Next time however we'll exercise hot-reloading of batterie. Those things always seem to be hidden in a car!!

In the middle of Januari mr. 'Tiscali' ended the contract on my domain. I asked for it but I didn't ask for a delay of a year! The administrative rights were not transfered to me. On 23 Februari I found out the domain was all of a sudden free... so i quickly registered it again. But TISCALI was not to be thanked for that! And yes what happened in Januari 2006 again happened in Januari 2007 but this time an other cyclist collided into me and there was only minor damage. The winter was this year on the 8th of Februari.

March..preparation for the 4 days marching in Nijmegen started. So far not even 100 kilometers training but we'll continue.
July..ready to go marching in Nijmegen, in the period from March I had a party because my sister was married 50 years and my former father in law died at the age of 77. My computer broke down and the new motherboard produced bad sound.... In the virtuel soccergame Hattrick my team became champion in the VIIe division and that was it in a nutshell...

The 4 days marching in Nijmegen was succesful and I got my new medal for ten times. Hollidays in the Provence (France). A short holliday in former East Germany and my relationship stranded, after 13 years..it's a shame. So I'm single again although the house is still filled with the 'old crew'

End November a miracle happened. I fell totally in love with a beautifull woman. Because the English version is shorter there is no space for a picture of her. Ok you get a link an just look at the right bottom corner and the princes is there

Last change was on 17th of November 2007
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