2008 A new begin....

Happy New Year, a new relation and old one still hanging around. The first of Februari a limited empty house. Since April 07 I have some stomach pains. It proves to be a 'stoned' gall blatter. We'll solve that problem later this year. Lets play a game.....Gladiator or something like that

These two cats fled from their new home in Nijmegen and only the black-one was found some weeks later. My virtuel soccer team PEELKONIJNEN did it well and the youngsters even better they promoted Sorry it's in Dutch:-)

I'm not involved in Politics but when you see the hapiness over the independance of Kosovo in Tirana (Albania) you just wonder what is going on. I thought they abolished the Great-Albania thought. And as we take notice of the opinion of Russia and Serbia we fear for the worst....again. I was there a long time ago...do they never learn a lesson...

Although it's not the 1e of Januari anymore we'd like to do a wish: I hope that my girlfriend will once again look as happy as it's depicted here.

Sunday 2 March Oh no not again! and a little bit later again an internetgame And ofcourse training for the Nijmegen 4 days marches started in this month. How it al went is here in Dutch unfortunately

The day before Easter something went wrong. Some pictures of the damage after the fire

In April we went on a very short holliday to Marocco, like this little piece of film is showing

Not really important events of course. At the end of 2006 I was searching for my roots and in fact more or less this slackened. But the stimuli coming from Voorburg resulted in a step forward. I now know the date and place my father died. And my two older brothers are known. Not only the name (what was called Wally is in fact two times Valentijn Philippus Marrtinus) but also partially the dates of birth and when they died. The rest of the information has to be found by the already deceased women related to my father.

In May I went to Denmark again and unfortunately had an encounter with the barrier of the road   which could have ended much worse than it did. Obviously my time is still not there …   The two months that followed were a sort of stand-down in love. This had everything to do with money money… a fabulous song by the way. The first of July the harbour of Breda opened again. So hopefully the make their mind up over there. It used to be a harbour which was converted to a parking garage and now it’s a harbour again. So please don’t ask yourself where the money goes to Of course the third week of July was for the 4 days marches in Nijmegen. My only fan in Wijchen wasn’t there. She was travelling to Morocco and the road to there be planed via Algeciras in Spain and became Sète in France. Well knowledge of Geography isn’t that good everywhere isn’t it.  Maybe she was able to see the picture over here …I wasn’t ofcourse.   The last day of July the gallbladder was removed in a stupendous way…no real scars and problem solved. And the 4th of August again a new Geography lesson. Travelling by car from Algeciras to the Netherlands seems to be the same as flying from Casablanca to Düsseldorf.

In times of loneliness there is always …and the total performance is only an hour so take your time. I think that the lead singer has had better performances but who cares. The 7th of October was the final act in the conflict with my former partner. A short procedure in court and that’s it. In the same month I did something you have to do once in a lifetime, walking in the mud and water in the North of our country. It is called “wadlopen”. In the beginning of November a Sahara wind cleaned the garden. The wind direction was from Macedonia and North Africa and the result is a winter ready garden. And last but certainly not least a democratic process made me leader of the federation OLDER in the well-known game…and my car had to be replaced because of a broken cylinder piton …       

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