2009 consolidate

I have a special girlfriend who has a lot of troubles. So in the beginning of the year she was threathened to be set out of her rental house but as by a miracle the danger past away. There was also a winter this year as the picture shows you. The end of Januari the 24th to be precise there was an OLDER meeting in Etten-Leur. A few picture show you what we did. Some pressure was put upon me to change jobs. The rest of the year it proved to be possible to get a job I wanted

What happened more in the first quarter of the year? Well I said finally goodbye to the internet game Travian. There was a meeting and I arrived there in the right outfit....the only one. In the Netherlands it seems to be normal when you pay your money for a internet connection you nevertheless can be a month whitout it. no good show for this provider I should say.

The other federation in the welknown footbal managergame also had a meeting in the beginning of April and ofcourse We started again with training for the four day's marches at Nijmegen.For instance in Bemmel, Beekbergen only one of the mentioned overthere and Zeist also Haren we visisted In total however this all together summed up to nearly 100 kilometers...nice but not enough yet

And like I said we moved from Breda to Apeldoorn in the third week of April because of a change of work. During the horrible event on Queens day I wasn't present. For those not able to read Dutch a very short summary. An idiot drove through the audiance during this holliday deliberately

Saturday the 9th of May aspecial day. First a 40 kilometer walk and than a drink in Amsterdam Let's say that there are less constraining days in a man's life thinkable .
The end of May financial collapse And on my birthday walking in Etten-Leur yes I like this (not!!) you can follow the participants during the event in Nijmegen. Unless you're in the military. I must remind everyone that this event was originally a military event and even today free medical care is provided for all participant by the Ministry of Defense.

After the well known walk in Diekirch (little hill tests) and the two days marching in Lutteneberg we're ready to go And what did I see a cat in the garden with kittens....:-)

Fine the four days marching in Nijmegen was a succes sorry in Dutch:-)

Holliday's in 2009.....a non executed stay in Northern Italy and a ambigious three weeks stay in Marocco.

After the holliday season a glorious victory in yet another internet game called Torpia

People asked me ....whether or not I was updating my webpage and ofcourse I do that once in a while. Things went not pretty well . When we consider the financial wold..

But there are good things also. Since November I 'm a Mercedes Car dealer Time pased further witch a game called Evony. Pictures were not appreciated by everyone so we present another I wouldn't like people to think the wrong thing wouldn't I?

Translation 7 January 2010
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