2010 economize

Sriking this season was a strong winter as you can see in the picture and it wasn't even my bike.

End 2009 untill Christmas a very good initiative was made to establish a so called OLDER top 50. Videos on the internet which should represent the average taste of the members of that famous Hattrick Federation. If it's not moving you should download a programm to let it move.
Unfortunately from Januari 2010 extra music was added and even worse in 2011 the same webspace was used for the new top 50 edition 2010. So now it is a general collection of songs mostly liked by the members of OLDER.

During the year I listened frequently to this song Why you may ask? Probably to keep a good spirit Another game was finished. I wasn't such a good basketball coach anyway and logged in less frequently so the game seized to exist or I was sacked as a coach. No problem in the mean time we started with fighting in the past.

And of course ( in Dutch sorry) preparations started again!! And let we not forget to mention that we switched from educating to informatics in my work. Some three weeks before the start of the Nijmegen four days Marches a message came from the army organisation.....it threatened to be hot. Wearing some hat instead of a Baret should be the case Bad luck for them I will not even try to find that head pfff

And yes the 14th of July something broke. Emptying a pipe by tapping on your finger can lead to a broken pipe. Must have been a 'misbaksel' than also, although this one was made of wood.

The third week of July the 94th "4-daagse", for me the 13th the unlucky number. It was not a bad number for me though I seldom walked that event so smoothly. A little bit of training really helps!
And ofcourse the car of my girlfriend wouldn't start after three weeks under warm conditions. I mean of course the black monster and not the the silver-grey car of mine.

August rather in the beginning after a good beer in Haarlem it showed at my kazerne that....inhabitants got furious because a lack of wine, warehouses were overpacked with goods so collection of more goods and mining extraction had no use and the hotel closed its door beacause of a lack of clients. Virtual? Yep it is but without internet life can be boring. And the service to repair the connection can be seen as a song like this. Disregard of normal needs I call it. The link of the song may be not present this has something to do with copyright:-) Well a link or not we left work on Tuesday afternoon and took some leave. In the beginning of September some people don't know what date it is and others make a lot of fuzz about old times in my opinion (the good old HAWK weaponsystem and it's dangers for mankind) Not having any acces to internet (at my sleeping place during the week)repeated it's self in September and lasted nearly a week Well so your leave days are diminishing rapidly. And when there is a fair in Aostrum I have to by a "kaneelstok" not on-line but on the street ofcourse. And because the street is already not coming in the house for two years, that means doors closed instead of enjoying the good weather we don't need this. And yes we had at the end of september/the beginning of October an exercise Not very special but at least we got a airforce like batch for it, which looks very good on a camouflage suit.

End October something totally different a meeting with youngsters...and the shortest route to Borculo so over water. Strange youngsters ....first playing soccer before drinking. Well some pictures than.. Finaly I have to inform you that the Ministry of Defence is gone bankrupt. I should have a tent but I still don't have one. Ok I bought one via civil channels, I think they'd better play this , or another management game. One meeting followed after the other. On 27th of November one in Breda (Federation OLDER from Hattrick) and one week later one in Amsterdam (New Order) a coincedence that it was on 4 Dezember in the Spanish Horsman. A nice term to look at on the Web by the way the results vary from reataurant tot homoplace and jenever spot. The last one is the cafe we were. Around st Nicolas we stopped with this game. It's not fine to be attacked by 4 or 5 seperate players.
9th of December the bataljonsdinner in Apeldoorn. Outfit "avondbaadje". The suit at the right bottem I last wore four years ago. Now there are two possibilities. Buy another suit (no way) or lose weight(I'll have to).

Translation 23 December 2010
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