'11 a Lucky year? Nope it wasn't

First act in the New Year catching hering on the land....it wasn't a bad catch indeed. Half Januari or a bit later the car (this model) had to be checked and what a luck I had it was controlled by a higher authority....so new tires were bought at the dealers which is ofcourse more expensive than at a tire-centre.

The beginning of Februari a belated New Years meeting. The car had some problems which finally proved to be an electronic no-match between key and ignition module. How nice those modern electronics... On the 19th of Februari the garden was maintained by someone else.

A cosy dinner was executed in a nearby restaurant on 26 Februari. The 5th of March the first training for Nijmegen. It's in Dutch but the whole training can be found here..

End March and the beginning of April there was a two-week holliday in South Tirol. Highlights were visits to Õtzi in the Bolzano museum and a visit to Venice. These trips could well be made from the failed investment in 2009 in real estate (to long a story to cover here) Some extra details learned during that trip:

there are many more matches in a box there (it's a pity that the website is down)and the potatoes over there are different..Nearly two weeks later it showed that blood spending wasn't allowed because I had been travelling through the regions Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Lombardia in Itali and that could cause a latent west-nile virus, I'm always lucky. During the training for Nijmegen we walked abroad and at home which gave nice pictures

Old glory came back as Ajax got it's third star. My good old MIO got old fashioned. So it had to be replaced by a more modern so called multi-media phone. Maybe something like this, but let it function better than this shit.

The 11th of June was a good meeting as you can see here and here. As the title of this page already explains it wasn't a lucky year! After coming back from the two day march in Diekirch I found out that I had had some uninvited visiters in my house. Two computers were missing with ofcourse private files and pictures that's not funny. The cause was my own mistake I forgot to lock a door when I left, a very expensive and unagreable mistake.

Then our Minister of Defense spoke at the NATO HQ. The translation of his speech appeared on intranet (the militairy version of internet) and spoke of the fact that Diplomacy and Developement were not applicable for my current profession. Very nice thank you . I'm of the opnion that the original Englisch text gives enough room for arguing that all 3 D's can be executed by us military. The Comprehensive Approach stays Primairily ofcourse Defence otherwise you don't have to start with Diplomacy and Development in the first place. But excluding Diplomacy and Development as suggested is to my oppinion not applicable. Therefore this film can be presented with pride. With the right militairy focus work on assisting local population in order to develop the area and bring it to a higher life standard which is most of the time executed in a diplomatic way too.

And because nowedays the right pipe tobacco isn't available in the area I live I have to get it at an institution. Unfortunately they are not so international orientated so the whole film is in Dutch:-)

The four days Marches in Nijmegen was a lucky one. The whole summer was wet but this event I managed to keep dry all over:-) The rain from above came as I was not walking or already finished. The intermal human being however was well maintained. And do we know the story of Algacires and Sète? (2008), same story this year....only a flight-ticket to Frankfurt was missing

15-25 August a ten days trip to Croatia. Startingpoint was Lovran in Istrië. Highlights of the trip were the lakes of Plitvice and the caves of Postojna who are situated in Slovenia . It was Sun, Sea and Sweat espescially when you don't have the right clotches with you. And a nice drink was bought called Kruskovac. The colour is like 'Orange Bitter' but it tasts much better!

And do we know that trip to Florence and Rome and than a boat to Barcelona? Well I don't again!. Trip was cancelled because of too few participants. And while one half is occupied with cracks in buildings the other one is busy with games and games and games.

And yes finally still a bustrip to Italia with the mentioned Italian cities in the program. Rome I'll visit once more that's for sure but Florence is very doubtfull:-) They have a bridge overthere which looks like a street, silly Italians.

In November another took over the leadership of OLDER. The first of December again a visit of non-invited guests in my house so that made me conclude that it is not a lucky year.

Translation 31 December 2011
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