2012 a special year

The year is filled with ending things. In the first place pre-pension so no regular work anymore and maybe much more to end. That more was already in the first quart of the year. My former unit changed from Air force to an Army unit. Although the Ministry of Defense sees it as an erection of a unit I find it not a party worth. Besides that..text is in Dutch. As well as the old song above which relates to conscripts which phenomena is already extinct in the Netherlands for many years now.
I wonder wether someone is missing a pair of purple lady-shoes? They resided a fortnight or more in my hedge. One fell out so I collected them both. It happens to be the size of my girlfriend but she denies ownership.
The first holiday is consumed. We also continue with a good tradition wich can't be approached just like that :-)
Holiday number two I also survived.
But home sweet home stays the best...or is it a very good functioning shower we are talking about?
This year I will not annoy the reader with my walking adventures. Do't be afraid however the 500 training kilometers will just not be reached. My ADSL internet connection works better with 4 little cables connected instead of 2. But why is a laptop becoming so over heated everytime. Why can't everything work smoothly I wonder.

However there is also something good. The Navy seized power, our office building was surrounded by water:-) The next goodbye. I said bye bye to the military camp after the four day Marches of Nijmegen. You know it's called Heumensoord. I'll not start anymore from there nor be logged and fed on that camp in 2013. It's good that the best of the best from Heumensoord has been preserved. Jesus almighty I had to go to my homebase, While they having a party. over there. I can assure you that the average speed goes down even at 5 o'clock in the morning. Drunken youngsters everywhere, also on the road.
And while I was quiting al kind of things someone else obviously started again, which can't be true! Meanwhile we enjoyd the third holliday at the Dalmatian Coast. The weather was much better over there than it was in the Netherlands. Someone gave me a book which I will not finish in one night:-) And than....shit or in German 'kamm der Wurm drin". During my next holiday a computer virus was detected in my homepage. It's not as dramatic as it looks but it's obviously very difficult to explain in which file the virus is residing. So I can remove that file from internet and the hosting company's server. It took some time, while I was on holiday and it was detected on my first day away, but finally the problem was resolved. And hurray the source computer was infected also after this incident. The so called Ukash (police) virus was in the system. Fortunately this phenomena was well described on the World Wide Web. So a solution was found and executed on that computer.

And yes the 29th of November 2012 end of the military career, and receiving 4 rewards... Also many presents during the hold reception. Most of it in a bottle but unfortunately not everyone put a card/name to it. So many good people couldn't be thanked properly afterwards. The amount of books (see picture above) is now 3, it's a library difficult to read. Christmas 2012 time to avoid being home alone, so we fled from the house. All those short trips this year are undoubtedly a reason for others to ask for more money......

2013 Freedom or better lots of spare time

A nice name for a unfortunate year when we look at the figures (13).Further on we'll drink someones blood figuraly speaking! You know what we'll handle it on our own. Providing everyone learned to read. We don't need no education in law.
Someone else was doing business in the dessert. At the beginning frequently contact but later radio silence. It asks a lot of your flexibility that silence I mean

What happens to window curtains who hang for years, they wear out and fall to pieces for sure when they get washed. So that means replacement in 2013, unless you like modern art before your windows. And yes we can look outside again. A new windowcleaner was contracted.
The weather at the start of 2013 was bad so no walking marches untill March. April's first half was also bad so we explored the secrets of the Balakan. After this exploration we started to work on walking condition for the third week of July. And what we did is told in a Dutch summary. Do you know the keukenhof? It must be visited once in a lifetime. And what do you have after seven years use of an airconditioning...too much dust in the filters. The world famous four days Marches in Nijmegen in words in Dutch ofcourse..

And since the twenty-second of August we have permanent visiters. Brother and Sister, two kittens who seemed to be well educated. But once in a while you need some information what is not unwise because little accidents or some missbehaviour happens always.

We finally won the battle after many letters against De a strong opponent. So it was a hot summer in at least two ways. Christmas 2013 can be remembered at two events. Girlfriend being very sick and a little wind causing open house. And finally Brother and Sister proved to be two Sisters....