The first quarter nothing special te report only a new sidegate. Second quarter of the year also nothing special apart from some computerproblems to solve. And we had a holliday. We went to the Balkans and byond countries like Hungary, Roemenia, Bulgaria and Turkey (only untill Istanbul) I know it's possible for every name but ok let's hear it once yes once
Third quarter ofcourse the four days marching in Nijmegen no 98 for the organisation no 17 for me. During that event 'killercat' guarded the house.

Who doesn't know them does idiots from a telecompany. I only have a sim card and i would like to buy-off the contract....that doesn't mean that I want to pay the whole amount in one time over the resting period you idiots!

The last day of August Pirate Champion. And three weeks later the other way around a ban. I was accused of illegal scripting a trade I do not even know....Oh yes it was this game. What ever I argued nothing helped so we went to play another game instead.

Let's say around 11th of November 'killercat'was killed herself. A car was faster than the cat unfortunatily So we were left with one out of two.

Believe it or not but Campari is not the same Bacardi....


here, I was but much cheaper arrangement and also here In March when it was a dry day walking and nearly again not wet

History of starting place 5 April and one week later starting place of known boring event and further on in April I was here in 2015 and a local walk finally.

En So it's going on in May and June and a part of July in order to train enough for Nijmegen. Saturday the 11th of July the final training and this time 40 km's because we hardly remember how that felt. More than 500 trainings kilometers in all this year seems to me enough for a succesfull 99th edition of....

Just to keep a good spirit this and because it's true and possible a song about our Primeminister.
Was there besides Hattrick and Ikariam no game to play then...ofcourse there was this game was played for a while untill logging in became impossible. And shortly after a trip to Brno we played this game

Sometimes you think about life and you remember the periods when you were abroad. So there is the last one and the best one. Starting with a piece of land and building a Camp and it was like the following song