Welcome at my homepage. My full name is:

Richardus Reinier Valentijn Alexander Braun, we call him Richard

You'll find my life here in big parts. Is my life so special? I don't think so but we can differ opinions about that.
Why published at the World Wide Web than? Very simpel in fact after a Dutch website called "Schoolbank.nl" I was frequently asked: "and how are you" and than you can tell 30 long years, so I thought that can be made more easy!
to be sure you're looking at the right person with all those stories, you find a picture of 1993 here. The history of my life can be followed by clicking on the respective years at the left.(I'm still translating so be patient)

From 1993 on you'll find links to stories I wrote down during several periods abroad with pictures. Countries at the Balkan, like former Yugoslavia and Albania as well as furher away like east Turkey and Afghanistan were area's I was in relation to my profession.

Finally it's good to know that behind 2004-2005 you can find two radiofragments (in Dutch)the month September and November contain these fragments. These files are big, the biggest is 17 Mb, and it costs time to download also when you have a fast internet connection! They are worth it, I think so be patient...

So surf around through the years or jump back and forward and enjoy, there are many interesting links!!!

And if you want to react on something than: richardbraun@tiscali.nl, and subject: 'Comment on homepage' There is a change you might escape my spamfilter. Or use the e-mail link in the menu at the left. Ofcourse it's logical that the translation will take time so eager beavers (understanding Dutch) go here

And the English version is per definition shorter and a summary of the Dutch one!!!Although in the beginning I tried to translate everything certainly after 2006 it's a summarry per year!




Translated from Dutch at 10-10-2006
original text from me and a better lay-out made by Fred